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“Our Mission, Vision”

With knowledge and wisdom

“Our mission vision is educate through media in modern scientific, artistic and revolutionary world”  (The IMS)

The IMS2020media services have focused their aims and objectives for these Purpose 

Aims & Objectives:

  1. What are the advantages of social media in Education?
  2. What is the best way to use social media for Educational Activities?
  3.  Ways to Use Social Media for Education
  4.  How does a social medium affect Education negatively?
  5.  Negative Effects of Social Networking Sites for Students.
  6.  What specification means?
  7.  The Importance of Media Education.
  8.  Importance of Mass Media in Education. 

In view of these objectives, we have looked at it academically rationally and scientifically authentic so that viewers can discover more in their intellectual and abilities.

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