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Our mission, The IMS, is a service to humanity in this modern scientific, artistic and revolutionary world.

With such knowledge and wisdom that can eradicate ignorance among the people.

Let us also be a part of our mission vision and play our part in this scientific journey.

Let us use our knowledge to give humanity the gift of knowledge and time, the desire of which has been the first duty of humanity since the beginning of humanity. 

These blessed personalities struggled for the fulfillment of this mission. Adam(AS), i.e. human beings are called fathers. Their descendants are spread all over.

And this human race, in every form, caste, special position and other options, is moving towards human survival, but the differences between them are a natural process.

Differences in human beings are a natural process, but the only human goal is peace, love, acceptance of each other, i.e. the feelings of acceptance and tolerance.

 If we do not express these feelings in ourselves, we will be deprived of the purpose of life, that is, the important purpose of human birth.

The Almighty Allah, states in His Word, “I have created human beings not only for worship but also for love of one another, while other creatures for worship are also God, jinn and fairies.”

 Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the Muslim leader of the Indian subcontinent, known to the world as a great thinker, describes this purpose of human life in the simple words of his poem.

“He created man for the sake of heartache

Otherwise there would be nothing less to obey”

The purpose of our scholarly journey is also to take time out of our scientific time to choose a platform for all humanity to guide people through the media in this modern world with a specific purpose that humanity can be good.

Let us join hands in this caravan of knowledge so that peace may prevail in this world.

Be sure to let us know your scientific feedback. And send us your posts and research posts so that we can publish it from this platform. Remember that our website or media service publishes free of charge. No one is paid. However, it does provide technical support to protect your academic endeavors.

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