11 Educational Assessment & Evaluate System

ims assessment

Assessment System

Releasing Confidence and Creativity Program team of “theims2020media.com” has developed formative assessment tools for ECD (Nursery Grade) in the light of learning standards of the national early childhood education curriculum 2007. A child’s performance will be assessed in following learning areas

  1. Physical development

  2. Cognitive development

  3. Social development

  4. Emotional development

  5. Language development

Method of assessment:

  • Day-to-day observation

  • Children portfolios

  • Anecdotal records

  • Children progress checklists formative

The class teacher will observe children during daily routine and maintain child observations and anecdotal records in the portfolios that will help her to rate at the end of the month/term. This will support in planning the next term according to individual learning needs and performance.

Learning Time:

There will be two terms in an academic year and the end of the each term child’s progress will be assessed and will be shared with par. The duration of the term will be the following.

  • Term 1 : April to September (excluded summer vacations)

  • Term 2 : October to February (excluded winter vacations)

Performance indicators:

            Excellent:                    very good:                  in progress:


Satisfactory:               Unsatisfactory:                       Not Applicable:


Child’s Progress Record


Learning Areas

Term 1

Term 2


1. Physical Development      
2 Language and literacy Development      
3.  Numeracy Development      
4. General Knowledge      
5 . Creative Skills      
6. Personal, Social and Emotional Development      
7. Science      


Teacher’s Feedback                                                                       Teacher’s Sign

TI_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TII________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Parent’s Feedback        


LRC Coordinator’s Feedback _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   

Assessment Tool ECED


Development Area



1st Term

2nd Term

1. Physical development
a. Height and weight (Feet. Kg)      
b. Coordination in movement(Eyes, hands, Body balance)      
c. Practices cleanliness (Cloths, hands, working, areas, etc)      
d. Punctual and active(respond to teacher and participation in activities)      
e. Fine motor skill(trace. pencil grip, manipulation)      
f. Participates in Gross motor activities(Games)      
g. Use the washroom independently      


Language and literacy development

listening and speaking skills

a. Talk about your own experiences (daily, activities, cultural, events)      
b. Predicts what comes next in stories      
c. Listens and responds to stories      
d. Retail simple rhymes      
e. Names deferent things(surrounding)      
f. Sings simple rhymes      
g. Tell own and parents name      



a. Enjoys looking through books      
b. the ell name of objects from the pictures by identifying the first letter of English      
c. Tell name of objects from the pictures by identifying the first letter of Urdu      
d. Recognize and read letters alphabets      
e. Recognize and read letters of English alphabets      
f. Read letters with correct sounds(English)      
f. Read letters with correct sounds(Urdu)      
g. Participate in group reading activities and story telling      


Writing Skill

a. Can hold pencil/carryon/chalk      
b. Trace line and color picture      
c. Knows that English is written left to right      
d. Knows that numbers are written from right to left      
e. Write Urdu letters      
f. Write English letters      



a. Recognizes and reads the number      
b. Matches numbers with pictures      
c. Understand the concept of zero      
d. Understand concept of half and full      
e. Establish a  link between numeral and quantity.      



Development areas





1st Term

2nd Term

a. Recognized and names common plain, shapes(circle, triangle, square and rectangle)      
7. General Knowledge
a. Tells teacher Head teacher and school name      
b. Tell family members name      
c. Knows country names      
d. Recognizes country flag      
e. Knows village/Town/district name      
f. Knows Taus ,Tasmia and first Kalima      
g. Knows the name of the  last prophet      
h. Recites Quranic verses Surah-e-Ikhlas      


Creative Art Development( Art and craft)

a. Cuts paper skillfully      
b. Pastes papers and pictures skillfully      
c. Identifies the basic colors      
d. Draws pictures and colors      
e. Paint and print with different objects      
f. Participate in circle      
g. Creates, designs using college and other materials      
h. Adds elements to play with a variety of materials      
i. Draws, colors and paints picture imaginatively      
j. Works confidently with a variety of material      


Music and activities Movement

a. Follows music and movement action easily      
b. Know and recites simple poem/local  
c. Knows simple instruments participate in dance


Personal, Social and Emotional development

a. Present own work and ideas confidently
b. Shares personal belonging with others(pencil, crayons, lunch etc.)
c. Cooperate, takes turns during activities
d.  Respect others ideas and opinions
e.  Shows capacity for a range of emotions (anger ,words)
f. Enjoy and follows easily routines 
g. Turn pages of books with care
h.  Shows sustainability in work


Social Science

a. Recognize animals and names
b . Knows the functions of five senses
c. Name the parts the of human body
d. Describe the key features of different seasons
e. Name of five fruits
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