Mental Health Problems, a rapidly growing dangerous disease

mental health problems

Mental Health Problems, Mental Health problems are a rapidly growing dangerous disease

Written by: Hussain Ali Hari

In the name of Allah, the Merciful

Mental health is a growing problem today. Mental diseases are increasing. People of every class are affected by this mental disease. Modern research and the field of medicine are also working on it, but better treatment has not been possible.

The invention of modern drugs and treatment technics 

The invention of modern drugs and treatment with existing drugs is being done but this is also increasing the side effects. The use of medicines is causing digestive disease. According to medical experts, the mind and digestion are closely related, that is, if the mind is in pain, a person cannot eat and drink. If the digestion is bad, the mind does not work. However, for a healthy person, it is necessary to have a healthy body so that this healthy body has a healthy mind. Good nutrition is essential for physical strength and the immune system.

The main reasons for the development of mental disorders

If we study in depth, we find that the following are the main reasons for the development of mental disorders, if they are controlled, other health problems can also be reduced.

  • There has been a difference in the human diet.
  • The caste system is gaining momentum.
  • Increase in poverty and also increase in inflation.
  • Binge eating or overeating.
  • Excessive consumption of cold drinks.
  • The distance of man from the natural environment and the insecurity of the natural environment increase pollution.
  • Unnecessary use of technology.

Will try to find out more about how our food is adulterated.

Lack of consumption of fresh food

In the olden days, they cultivated their land and grew vegetables. Trees were abundant, we ate fresh food, it made human life better and we were far away from diseases. Now modern technology has made this work easier, but health problems have arisen. The use of modern technology and especially the use of chemicals has certainly increased the yield of fresh crops but has damaged their natural nutritional value. Also, there is a mix of market items. Relaxed people don’t see its quality or busy people rely mostly on market food to save time, leading to health problems.

Sadly, despite Pakistan being an Islamic country, according to modern research, the most adulterated food items are available and being produced in Pakistan. There is no such thing as law, it is their beneficial role which is also fleeting.

Deforestation for energy is continuing, which is depleting the great boon of oxygen, adding other gases to the air, and causing the sun’s harmful rays to fall directly on the earth, causing rapid warming. Diseases have increased. Eye diseases have also increased due to harmful radiation.

lack of natural environmental protection

Due to the lack of natural environmental protection, the land’s beauty is decreasing. Where there are gardens, there is a great view of nature. It is human nature to get familiar with these views.

Mental problems are increasing due to the unnecessary use of technology. People are imitating each other unnecessarily, increasing human needs, creating mental problems, and leading to a division in the family, and there is a lack of morality in the human environment and attitudes.

The difference in the working hours of the online business 

There has been a difference in the working hours of the online business. In the field of freelancing, people are busy during the night instead of resting, which does not get enough sleep. There is no rest. In the olden days, our ancestors used to do physical labor and then relax, keeping their physical and mental health healthy.

Human life is being badly affected due to human behavior 

In this busy age, only mental struggle remains, which has become challenging to manage adequately. It is immoral and wrong. Human life is being badly affected due to human behavior, so to control these problems, the field of science needs to do more research and scholars should conduct campaigns to protect human behavior and ethics, social values, and cultural values. But the condition is that it should be guided according to the requirements of the modern age which is acceptable to the modern world and helps in leading a balanced life.

The whole world the corona-19  virus (Pandemic)

Mental diseases have increased in the last three years because of the global epidemic that has engulfed the whole world the corona-19  virus (Pandemic)  which has suddenly affected human life badly. People became so troubled that they had to stay miles away from their closest friends and family. Because of this, their relationships became distant. People started feeling lonely. Everyone was taught to be alone and the nature of work changed. Feelings of love were hurt inside.

Before this global epidemic, people used to socialize with each other and share their sorrows. Now, gradually, the process that made people feel lonely has also decreased.

We have become oblivious to the remembrance of Allah’s Blessed

A person does not only need money to live on coins, but relationships are also necessary. This relationship is not only between man and man, it is also between man and Allah Almighty. As Muslims, it is our faith that in any matter we turn to the Holy One who created us, who is ours and all. He is the Lord of the created creatures who is the Sustainer and the Owner and He is capable of everything, so we should turn to this blessed Being so that we get peace and comfort.

In today’s busy self-centered age, we have become oblivious to the remembrance of Allah’s Blessed Self and we are confined to worldly comforts in search of peace.

This academic epidemic left a deep impact on the world’s economy

This academic epidemic deeply impacted the world’s economy, and inflation rose. Developing countries, especially our country Pakistan, were also affected by the global economic crisis, and this burden of inflation continues to this day. There has been political conflict in the country for the past year. And due to egoism, the country’s economy has suffered, and people are forced to starve, but no special attention is paid to this issue, only for personal interests, the country’s conditions are also being worsened. In the name of freedom and autonomy, they are also harming the country’s politics.


Readers, this is a very extensive article, but we have presented it in a short form. Further guidance is required and will be waiting for you.

May Allah keep us safe and protect us from all heavenly and earthly blessings. Ameen

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