Reflections for Pre-Primary Schools

Prepared by: Surayya Jabeen Harri (Diploma in ECED, Pakistan Montessori Council Islamabad and Certificate of AKU I.E.D)

Introduction of “Reflections for Pre-Primary Schools or Education Early Childhood Development”

Examples of personal reflection include illustrations in Education Early Childhood Development.
In schools, teachers also reflect on the children. Teachers also have their self-portraits, which most teachers compile after their children have been taught lessons.
After studying, teachers review their Physical development, mental development, and especially their morals or attitudes, all of which are called self-reflection. ( theimsmedia)

Some examples of reflections.

Reflection:- No.1

My reflection is on the session about

“Brain development”

This session was on(please write the Date here)

New learning for me:-

In the fruitful session, I learned about how a child’s brain develop
I did not know the child’s brain build from conception.
The brain works like a telephone system connected with different wires.

1000 billion nerve cells called neurons build connections between neurons and are called synapses 0-3 years is a very sensitive age for a child because 80 of the brain is completed in this age.

Interesting the session for me:-

The interesting thing which realized from the session is some factors that affect brain development after birth are nutrition and a balanced diet
Stimulating and intra-personal relationships for example parents’ and teachers’ love care and attention is very important.

How can I apply this in my classroom?

Which I learned in the session
First of all, I will prefer to give equal importance and attention to every child
I will involve them in different activities by giving them materials like puzzle blocks, beads, pegs, etc

I also play activity which them for example making pink towers, broad staves, colored tablets etc

I will focus on their lunch menu lunch will be homemade and healthy food because balance and a healthy diet are very important in brain development.

Teacher: Name here

Institution’s name here


Reflection:- No.2

The session about  active learning by Miss/Mr.________________

What I learned new:-

I learned my important points about active learning.
Active learning is a multi-direction learning experience in which learning occurs from teacher to student, student to student, active learning involves choosing materials, exploring, transforming, and combining materials.

Interesting for me:-

The child’s interest and action on objects were interesting to me. For children, it is important to provide a variety of interesting materials which is easily available in the local environment and accessible to children, of those materials children feel to handle and work with them children need to give opportunities to set their own goals and select activities.

Children need communication help and support from teachers by encouraging their effort.

How can I apply in this my classroom?

Firstly I will make a fully planned timetable, according to my activities.

Secondly, my classroom should be divided into interesting areas e.g. hoe area home area, art area, science area, math area, etc. organized around specific play kids. The material will be organized in a way because children can get them out easily and put them away independently.

I will support and encourage my students during playing with the materials area.

Teacher: name here
institution’s name here


Reflection:- No.3

Topic:- Blokes Play

New learning for me:-

Yesterday’s session about bloc play is considered to be an essential part of the early childhood classroom environment.

Young children love to play with the blocks when children engage in the block when children engage in block play and learn impotent mathematical and scientific concepts.

In retesting for me:-

I realized from the session are students participate to play with blocks and making towers and house bricks by using blocks built help to the child the student’s holistic development.

How can I apply this in my classroom?

In my classroom, I will give them blocks to develop the student’s creativity to enhance the children.

institution’s name here



Reflection:- 4


ECED  Teacher:___________

Husband Name/Father’s Name:_________

Institution: _____________


My reflection is on the session about Mathematic
This session was on (please mention the date)

New learning for me:-

On …,……., the session was about Mathematic. We learn many information things about Math.

First of all, we arrange six different groups counting five, participants in each group. The important thing is to develop marital skills to show how to learn mathematics through different kinds of low-cost materials.

We prepared many things while using their materials .for example, w show How to trace and count and what the basic shapes are.

Challenging thing/ How can I apply it in my classroom?

I apply this method in my class on my student and develop their mantel level which is very important for them.


(Teacher please give remarks )

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  1. Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.

  2. Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.

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