An Idea تھری آئیڈیاز جو زندگی بدل دے گی۔

three ideas can change lives

By Hussain Ali Harri

Three ideas will change lives.
Do you want to change your life?
And want to achieve success in your life?
Let’s study the answers to these questions.

The word idea is literally taken in the sense of illusion, and also in the sense of imagination. If you look at this short word, you will find its wisdom. There is a wisdom hidden in it. If we say that there is an element of wisdom in it. Thoughts can be positive or negative, but we will succeed with positive thinking.

This message of thought was also given to us by Hazrat Allama Muhammad Iqbal(R.A) the Muslim thinker of India and Pakistan. Political awareness was created for all Muslims

Almaighty Allah, the Exalted, says in the Holy Qur’an: “God has not changed the condition of this nation to this day Don’t think of changing yourself”

Iqbal has described it in his beautiful poem as, In Urdu: “Khuda ney aaj tak os qoum ki halat nahi badly na ho jis ko khayal apny halat badalney ka”

It is as if Iqbal has given us a message to change our thinking and this message is not only for this era but also for the present and future periods.

We can say that it is an idea that becomes an idea, this idea becomes man’s Mission Vision, Mission Vision motivates man to work hard and man changes his inner world by understanding its wisdom.

Sometimes this illusion (idea) takes man to the ladder of success and man finds his destination. Understanding the wisdom of this inner world of man, Hazrat Ali (AS) has likened it to a larger universe.

Thought not only changes personal life but also changes all the lives around us which are a human requirement and humanity has been the first goal of all religions. Prophets/Anbiya (A.S) in this world for the fulfillment of this goal and Aima-e- Athaar kept coming and this series of guidance continues till today.

Essential factors for putting an idea into practice:

There are three things that need to be done to make your idea a reality. 1. Mission and Vision 2. Perseverance 3. Creating leadership qualities in yourself That’s why they say, change your mind!!!! Change yourself!! Just keep thinking positive to change lives.

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