Benefits of Online Education during Covid-19

online education benefits

By Hussain Ali Harri

What is Online Education?

We live in a time of knowledge. We are so accustomed to being informed by the speed of light that the prospect of not immediately reaching the numbers of facts and figures with the click of a few buttons for most of us is simply a distraction. For this reason, it makes sense that more people across the country and around the world embrace the idea of ​​online learning and educational opportunities with all the enthusiasm they can get.

At the same time, there is an equal number of people around the world who are trying hard to hold on to traditional ways of dealing with certain things. Some people play solitaire with a card slot. For people who feel that the age of knowledge has left them to some degree the best chance that online learning may not be the best option, you can find.

Below you will find a few questions that can help you narrow down whether you can benefit from taking some of the many online courses offered in today’s study years.

1) Have you been ordered to study online?

This sounds like an innocent question because we would all like to think that we have been disciplined to some extent. The problem is that if you are in the driver’s seat with your education, you must have a little more than a small amount of ethics. You need to meet deadlines, take exams and hold yourself accountable so that you can learn the information you need to succeed. If you fail to perform well in your online courses and some people do not like to sit in the driving seat when it comes to motivation and exercise and learning habits.

2) How do you study the best?

We all have different learning styles in which we store information better than others. Online courses have learned a lot. If you have trouble keeping track of what you have read you may need to find another way to read or seek solutions with the help of a tutor before moving on to an online learning environment.

3) Do you have a real desire to succeed?

The answer to this question is vitally important in determining whether online learning has benefited you or not. There are many steps you can take to achieve the education and the level you want. This is not the way of the people, at least for now. This type of learning, more than any other, is easy to give up on. If you are not willing to do assignments, study notes, and read the text presented to you then you do not need to waste your time or the teacher’s time by continuing to make excuses. Online courses are mostly self-made but you have a limited amount of time where you can learn things before you need to continue. The teacher is responsible for giving you details and material but you are responsible for everything that happens from that moment on.

4) Are you ready for that responsibility?

Whether you are a first-time college student or a professional returning to school after a long online study can open new doors for the opportunity for your learning fun. You have to be willing to go through those departments and take the information given to you to be successful. My sincere hope is that everyone who reads this will carefully consider whether the absence of a framework that offers a wide range of online courses will suit your specific learning and academic needs before enrolling.

My analysis during these periods or years of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan:

The point of all this is that we are still not familiar with modern education. We are accustomed to traditional education.

My personal experience in teaching and administration has also come from parents who refuse modern online education due to a lack of knowledge of modern tools or technology and some parents consider it a burden on them.

Our analysis during these periods or years of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan has been that students are not interested in studying due to homeless education and the absence of teachers. This created problems in the two-year education system and harmed the students. We blame their parents and governments for the loss of those who ignored modern educational requirements and did not introduce the system in countries.

Students and parents need to be made aware of the importance of this experience and study, especially in developing countries, including Eastern countries, so that they can continue their education in light of global conditions.


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