The Characteristics of social development


Presented: Hussain Ali Harri

Prepared by: Meher Bano Harri

The Characteristics of social development

It depends on the interaction of the organism and environment. Environment plays a more active part. Physical, mental, intellectual and emotional growth are predominantly genetic. But in the social group it is the social environment which is the predominantly the process of socialization starts right from birth whereas emotional conditions can be created in the fetus by some bright light or loud sound.

Children socialization

The process of preparing children to live in  in society to assimilate its culture and to be its functioning member is called socialization .Every culture has some plan a system of positive and negative sanctions. Formal and informal agencies in harmony in its moral religious economic and other values for accomplishing this goals. Socialization is also learning of one’s social role of role taking .Areole is a pattern of behavior which is expected of an individual by other in a social system. The individual’s social efficiency and happiness depends to a large extent on the understanding of these roles and on the ease and flexibility with which he shifts from one role to other.

According to F.S power social growth is actually progressive improvement through directed activity .This definition emphasis four things

  • Social growth is progressive and not a product of anyone time in life.
  • Social growth is brought about by the directed activity of society. There are both formal and informal agencies to influences a child’s induction into the cultural heritage .The most important formal agencies for this purpose are the family ,religion and the school .The informal includes the playground the club cinema radio and television, newspapers and the markets.
  • Socialization results in certain behavior patterns which no doubt confirm to social values but are flexible enough to a limit of deviations and variations independent way  of thinking and behaving is a social value by itself in a demonstrated society.
  • Socialization proceeds through increasing understanding of cultural heritage social customs moors folk ways or ways of living an acting traditional values etc.

School should perform at least three functions in regards to a child’s social development

  1. It should in large its knowledge about his social heritage through the study of science, mathematics languages history, geography, literature and folklore.
  2. It should develop appropriate social skills attitude interests and understanding s which help him to adjust in society.
  3. It should prepare children for change in this context it must enable children to perceive and be sensitive to centuries old fossils and cobwebs of social tradition which are of no value in the modern time. It should also make children open minded, demarcated responsible and creative in their behavior outlook and loyalties.

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